Group off elsewhere: Daventry board will deliver prepared birds of prey to handle pigeon issue around focus

It's trusted by flying birds of prey around the town, the pigeon populace will take off.

By Alastair Ulke


Daventry District Council is intending to utilize prepared hawks to handle the town's pigeon issue.

Daventry District Council is intending to utilize prepared hawks to handle the town's pigeon issue.

Flying predators will be utilized in pigeon deterrent Daventry to help tackle a developing number of pigeons running in the town community.

Daventry District Council is making the move because of worries over the difficult pigeons making a wreck in the town, especially Bowen Square and Foundry Place.

Presently, the committee intends to fly prepared birds of prey around the town place as a feature of an obstacle program.

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The board ran a comparative plan five years prior and has now decided to once again introduce it.

Experienced overseers from Northampton Borough Council's current circumstance group are set to complete an escalated fortnight-long program, flying hawks in a wide bend around the town place with an end goal to prevent pigeons from settling on housetops. Birds of prey will likewise be strolled along ways and walkways to move the pigeons on.

The flying predators will at that point be taken back to the town consistently to dissuade the pigeons from returning.

Lee Rees, of NBC Environment, said: "Our falconry program goes about as an impediment to pigeons and other undesirable birds by telling them that the territory is not, at this point safe.

"The presence of birds of prey and hawks will rapidly urge the nuisance pigeons to build up another example of conduct. Normally pigeons won't perch in a zone where there is a hunter."

Natural Health Officers from DDC are asking individuals to help the program by not taking care of the pigeons. The individuals who do so are reminded that dropping food in open territories is a type of littering and conveys a £150 fine.

There is a chance to meet the flying predators and discover more about the falconry program next on March 17 in Bowen Square. The occasion will run from early afternoon to 2pm, in front of the falconry program beginning on March 23.

Councilor Daniel Cribbin, lodging and ecological wellbeing portfolio holder for on Daventry District Council said: "Pigeons make a wreck and can convey illnesses and, while the last falconry program was inconceivably effective, we have begun to see an ascent in the quantity of pigeons in the town place again as of late.

"Flying predators are a characteristic and powerful method of deflecting pigeons however we need the help of occupants with the end goal for this to be effective, and I would ask individuals not to take care of the pigeons or leave food squander on the floor."

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