Alyssa needs more cash to play Coin of Destiny.

PM EST: Tiffany and Hannah need Claire to win Coin of Destiny this week. They need the entirety of The Cookout to be qualified to play HOH one week from now.

8:56 PM EST: Sarah Beth needs more cash to play Coin of Destiny.

8:56 PM EST: Big D has an astounding 425 BB bucks! He will play Coin of Destiny. He'll need to move as many coins into the openings of a monster gaming machine as he can.

8:59 PM EST: Claire will play Coin of Destiny. She doesn't need anybody to play with Tiffanny's assignments.

9:05 PM EST: It's an ideal opportunity to flip the Coin of Destiny! The victor of the game anticipated the coin would arrive on heads.

9:06 PM EST: Tiffany is presently don't Head of Household! Presently she's qualified to cast a ballot and she can contend in the following week's HOH rivalry.

9:07 PM EST: The mystery HOH has designated Kyland and Sarah Beth for removal. Some curve!

9:08 PM EST: Claire is the mystery HOH!

Tune in for another scene of "Older sibling" on Wednesday, September 1 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.

To most precisely summarize this week in the Big Brother house — for Derek X. also, his fans, at any rate — I'll get an aphorism from Apple TV+'s Ted Lasso: It's the expectation that kills ya.

Head of Household Sarah Beth has been focusing on Derek X. the entire week, and his odds of remaining in the house appeared to be progressively thin as time passes. Yet, with a couple of Cookout individuals really needing to keep Derek X. around, and Xavier — maybe the most grounded advocate for Derek X's. expulsion — heading into isolation for 24 hours before the live transmission, a minuscule, small hint of something better over the horizon consumed for Derek's down, all things considered.

Did he figure out how to prepare the votes to remain, however? Peruse on for the subtleties of Thursday's scene:

THE STRATEGY | Following the rejection function, Sarah Beth and Xavier can't quit smiling at the possibility of Derek X. getting the boot this week. In any case, Tiffany knows keeping Derek X. is best for her own game, and she doesn't take excessively benevolent to Kyland endeavoring to blame her for removing Derek this week. With that in mind, she attempts to get a vote flip going in support of Derek, beginning with a suggestion to Azah and Hannah that Derek will probably assist them with getting to the furthest limit of the game, possibly significantly more than the Cookout men will.

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