Park Safety and Public Health Guidelines

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Current Park Use Guidelines:
City of Vancouver stops, trails and sea shores are open; a distance of six feet or more should be kept up with between individuals from various families consistently.

City of Vancouver Parks and Trails working hours are 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.


Dynamic entertainment regions including jungle gyms, ball and tennis courts, grills, plate golf and horseshoe pits are open.

Cookout covers are open on a first come, first served premise during winter and spring seasons. Guests are answerable for cleaning hardware; use at your own danger. Excursion cover reservations are not acknowledged as of now.

Select park bathrooms are open 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day to serve occupants with restricted admittance to offices.

Cut off Tie Creek Trail at Divine Road (1617 N. Devine Road)

Esther Short Community Park (W. eighth Street and Columbia Street)

Fisher Basin Community Park (SE 192nd Avenue and Mill Plain Boulevard)

Leverich Community Park (4400 N.E. Leverich Park Way)

Marshall Community Park (1015 E. McLoughlin Boulevard)

The "Portland Loo" public bathrooms situated at Vancouver Waterfront Park (695 Waterfront Way) and Nikkei Park (52nd Street and 137th Avenue) are open 24 hours.

The Marine Park Boat Launch is open; guests should rehearse proper social separating when stopping and dispatching or recovering their vessel. There is no charge assortment at the boat dispatch through Dec. 31.

Guests should rehearse National Recreation and Park Association suggestions for social separating at parks and on trails:

Try not to utilize stops or trails assuming you are wiped out or showing side effects of sickness.
Follow CDC direction on close to home cleanliness preceding visiting parks or trails.Wash your hands previously, then after the fact your visit and convey hand sanitizer sooner rather than later.
Limit size of get-togethers to close to 10 individuals who live inside a similar family.
Practice legitimate social distance of six feet consistently. Know what that resembles and keep up with it while strolling, climbing or trekking.
Share the space dependably and ready others to your essence before you pass.
Utilize a "Leave No Trace" attitude. Bring an appropriate garbage sack and take everything out to assist with ensuring City laborers.
Canine Waste Stations are not a fundamental help and along these lines won't be restocked during the "Remain at Home, Stay Healthy" request. Typical assistance will continue when the request is lifted.
In case these proposals are impractical, guests should find a substitute area or leave the recreation center.

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